Cloudwork and School Communities

Cloudwork is an automated system of indentity management that supports and builds school communities. Cloudwork provides:
branding parents students facilities

News and FAQs

Cloudburst Newletter
April 2017: Identilab – an Authentication Lab for Students

Case Study
Discussion on implementing Studentnet Cloudwork.

The Blog
Knowledge base for users. Questions & comments welcome.

Cloudwork FAQ
If you can't find the answer here, tell us and we'll write one.

Free Demos
For students and staff – single sign-on, passwords, accounts.

Cloudwork Brochure
What can Cloudwork Identity Manager offer you?

Cloudwork User Manual
The Dashboard, with new reporting capabilities.

Our Privacy Commitment

privacy privacytips Privacy is about transparency, security, and choice. Studentnet has always had a commitment to privacy, and was delighted to be an official Partner in the OAIC's Privacy Awareness Week, from 15 to 19 May 2017. Here are some of Studentnet's privacy milestones:

  • 2006-2011: Studentnet participated in Australian Privacy Commissioner's industry involvement program.
  • 2007: Studentnet incorporated conformance to Australian Privacy Principles into Cloudwork design from inception.
  • 2008: Studentnet highly commended in the Microsoft Small to Medium Business Category of the 2008 Australian Privacy Awards.
  • 2011: Studentnet selected as a Finalist in the Security & Privacy category of the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards
  • 2017: Studentnet selected as a Partner in the 2017 Privacy Awareness Week initiative of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.